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Laos Dongtai Potassium Ore Certification Project Angola Social Housing Project Angola Lobito Road and Yard project Angola Lobito Container Terminal, Dry Wharf, and Ore Terminal Burma Tyre Plant 10,000 Residential Project in Libya Tanzania National Defense College Project Tanzania Military Expert Group Living Quarters Project Aid to Madagascar Fianarantsoa Rural School Road Project of the Non-Trade Development Zone in Mauritius Congo-Brazzaville Djoué Radio Project Congo-Brazzaville Vocational and Technical School Aid to Nouakchott University of the Mauritania Hospital Project N-SUKALA.SA Project Zimbabwe National Defense College Saudi Arabia AMTPJ Saudi Arabia DAJEN Oil Storage Facilities Project Mozambique Maputo Airport Mozambique Nacala Port Embassy of China in the Republic of Zambia Sri Lanka-Hambantota Airport Container Terminal and Oil Terminals at Hambantota Port, Sri Lanka Colombo South Container Terminal, Sri Lanka No. 19 Berth and Backup Yard at Mombasa Harbor, Kenya Newport Container Terminal, Sudan Home Project for Officers in the Republic of Tajikistan Congo-Kingshasa MKM Mining Congo Greensands Mining Malawi University of Science and Technology Guyana Capital Airport Expansion Project Coate d’Ivoire Achi Highway Project Pakistan Jhimpir United Energy Wind Power Plant Kamoya City Electric Supply, Congo Nam Ou River Cascade II Hydropower Station Project, Laos Officers’ Apartment in the Kyrgyz Republic Kaleta Hydropower Station Project, Guinea Guinea Conakry City Network Design, Construction, Renovation, and Modernization, Prepaid Meter Supply Project Pakistan Soda Plant Pakistan Soda Plant Laos 1510-Y2 Project (Military Project) Sri Lanka Colombo South Container Terminal
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