Company Profile Party-masses Construction Development Course Qualifications and Honours


Shenglong Electric Group set up the Party branch in 1985, and established a party committee in 2008, with 5 branches. In recent years, the Shenglong Electric Group has been based on the construction of the learning party branch, established the political core position of the party organization, played the main role of the party members in the party organization construction and group construction, and actively explored the new mode and the new method of the party organization construction.

Shenglong Electric Group, adhering to the tenet of "for the construction of four modernizations, for the benefit of the people", with the cohesiveness and appeal of the party organization, inspires the Party branch and the party members to participate in the enterprise decision-making and the enthusiasm and creativity of the management. There is a voice of the party in making enterprise decisions, and the management of the enterprise has the form of the party. All along, the group Party branch has strengthened the ideological and political work of the staff, perfected the institutional system of the construction of the learning party organization, and made great efforts to build the party organization culture with the characteristics of the flourishing party and to build the vitality and harmonious Shenglong Electric Group.

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