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Respect, understanding, and trust are the bonds that make a happy struggle together. In Shenglong, strength and hard work are better than academic qualifications and qualifications. A positive and friendly working space will inspire you. Excellence is a habit, and progress is endless. We are always striving for excellence and looking forward to the future. Shenglong creates a space for innovation for every employee. In Shenglong, we provide more than just a job. We focus on helping you achieve a career and brighten your life. Please believe that a good company will not make you unable to perform.

Shenglong Electric Group is looking for a talented and talented person. Here, we will provide you with a platform to showcase your talents and surpass yourself. Joining us, you can not only work closely with industry elites, but also feel Shenglong's unique corporate culture, and have the opportunity to challenge yourself and progress together with us in the stage of Shenglong, a world full of opportunities and dreams. Create brilliant!

Shenglong welcomes you to join!


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